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Flag Up Always changing flexibly and quickly, so before participating, players need to understand the rules in detail. Specifically, what are the basic rules of the game that newbies need to clearly understand? How is the standard way of playing regulated? What tips do expert strategies include to help beginners win? The following Link OKVIP Casino will accompany you to learn!

Overview of recreational Chess

This chess game is a variation of Chinese Chess, which is super popular among the people and is played anytime, anywhere with many people. The origin of the game is from China and gradually introduced to Vietnam since the 90s. Now, in addition to traditional playing, you can freely entertain yourself because more convenient online forms have appeared to help enhance your experience. experience.

When starting to play Flag Up, except for the General who is turned face up, the other pieces are turned face down and mixed together. However, you still have to keep the prescribed position of a standard Chinese Chess board, this increases the difficulty of the game. This game is considered by many experts to be not easy to play, so you should prepare before entering the match.

Beginners need to understand the basic rules of Up Chess

To become more skilled in the subject Flag Up, players need to master the given rules. This is also a prerequisite that everyone must know to participate confidently, not easily be caught by opponents and be flexible in the process of determining direction.

The game table is divided according to the following regulations:

  • Use a rectangular Chinese Chess board and draw 10 horizontal rows + 9 vertical rows intersecting each other.
  • River: The drum part divides the table into two equivalent parts.
  • General’s Palace: On both sides there is a General’s Palace creating 4 squares, allowing the General to move at will.
  • Each side receives 16 troops including: General, Bishop, Horse, Soldier, Rook, Cannon, Pawn.
  • Fake pawns should be released as soon as possible to “control” the opponent.
  • Players should not arbitrarily use fake Cannons or Vehicles too early because it will cause disadvantages later.
  • Need to create a link to protect the units with Bishop and Knight.

Instructions on how to play basic Up Chess according to standards

When understanding the regulations Flag Up Then members began to refer to instructions on how to play this interesting mind-fighting game. This is a game that requires players to have logical thinking and good judgment to easily win the opportunity to check and win, avoiding losing miserably.

Start the game

In the game, each side receives the 16 pieces mentioned above and are distinguished by the colors black – red. The arrangement order is similar to Chinese Chess, but only the Chess piece is turned over, the remaining pieces are randomly placed on the table.

First move

Members will move according to the pieces on the table. If you are in the pawn position, you will move like a pawn, in a straight line and have no right to move diagonally or sideways.

Next move

When you complete the first move, you will turn it face up to identify the piece and move it like the name. For example, if you are in a Good position, face up is a Knight, then the next move will follow the Knight’s rules.

Tips to easily win when experiencing Co Up for newbies

Subject Flag Up considered by many experts to be not easy to play because of the complexity in remembering the chess pieces and the direction of movement according to regulations. To successfully conquer the opponent and check the Chess quickly, you should accumulate good tips. from experts. Here are some general tips from newbie experts that you should refer to:
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  • Participants should prioritize opening the top row first, followed by the bottom row and focus on “controlling” the opponent’s face down pieces.
  • You don’t arbitrarily take positions that are not allowed or the pieces die.
  • In case of being banned from facing down, if there is an opportunity, you should use a small piece to save a large piece.
  • When you need to protect your flag, the player needs to use a face-down rook to defend.
  • Similarly, Cannon should not be released too early but should be kept for urgent situations.
  • You should not express your feelings of happiness or disappointment on the outside because it is easy for your opponent to judge the situation and attack you. At the same time, you should use observation skills to predict the opponent’s chess pieces.
  • Focus on memorizing cards to analyze, judge, and create moves to attack your opponent’s weaknesses.
  • Players should play carefully and this is also the way of players, you slowly open your pieces and gradually increase speed.


Above is a sharing about the subject Flag Up “Unpredictable transformation” but chosen by many bettors for entertainment. Information about the rules, how to play, and good tips from experts will certainly help newbies have a chance to win. Visit the Okvip Casino homepage to discover more useful knowledge when betting!

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