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Achieve Aesthetic Excellence with Custom Abutments by Eurasia Dental Lab

Eurasia Dental Lab is a leading provider of custom abutments, a vital component in dental implant prostheses. These abutments are meticulously crafted to connect seamlessly to endosseous dental implants, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Eurasia Dental Lab offers custom abutments made from various materials, including titanium and zirconia with titanium bases, ensuring hygienic and aesthetically pleasing restorations.

Hygienic and Aesthetic Solutions for All Areas of the Mouth

Eurasia Dental Lab’s custom abutments, particularly those made from titanium, are suitable for all regions of the mouth. These abutments offer excellent durability and hygiene, ensuring long-term functionality and easy maintenance. With their precise design and quality materials, Eurasia Dental Lab’s custom abutments provide patients with a reliable solution that meets their oral health needs while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced Aesthetics with Zirconia Abutments and Titanium Bases

For patients seeking superior aesthetics, Eurasia Dental Lab offers zirconia abutments with titanium bases. These abutments combine the natural translucency and lifelike appearance of zirconia with the strength and compatibility of titanium. The zirconia abutments with titanium bases are particularly beneficial for anterior restorations, as they enhance the overall beauty of the smile while ensuring long-term stability and functionality.


Eurasia Dental Lab is committed to delivering custom abutments that excel in both aesthetics and functionality. Their range of custom abutments, including titanium options suitable for all areas of the mouth and zirconia abutments with titanium bases for enhanced aesthetics, provides patients with versatile solutions. With Eurasia Dental Lab’s custom abutments, patients can achieve exceptional aesthetic results while enjoying the benefits of durable and hygienic dental restorations.

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