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Boost Performance and Efficiency with Techking’s Haul Truck Tires

Techking Tires Limited, a renowned mining and construction tire brand, is dedicated to providing exceptional haul truck tire solutions. With a strong focus on specific applications, integrated product R&D, quality control, and brand operation, Techking aims to become a leading provider of haul truck tires. In this article, we explore the remarkable features of Techking’s haul truck tires, with a special focus on the SUPER ETOT (TL) model. Discover how Techking’s haul truck tires offer enhanced casing strength, increased load capacity, and extended service life for optimal performance in demanding mining operations.

  1. +30% Casing Strength: Unparalleled Durability

Techking’s SUPER ETOT (TL) haul truck tire is designed with a remarkable +30% casing strength. The utilization of ultra high-tensile steel wires reinforces the tire’s carcass, providing exceptional durability and resistance to punctures and impacts. This robust construction ensures that the tire can withstand the demanding conditions of hauling heavy loads in mining operations, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

  1. 160% Load Capacity: Efficient Hauling Capability

The double-layer nylon chafer in Techking’s haul truck tires reinforces the tire bead, enabling an impressive 160% load capacity. This enhanced load-carrying capability allows haul trucks to transport heavier loads, optimizing efficiency and reducing the number of trips required. With Techking’s haul truck tires, mining companies can maximize their operational efficiency and throughput, resulting in significant cost savings.

  1. Longer Service Life: Increased Productivity

Techking’s SUPER ETOT (TL) haul truck tire is engineered with larger blocks that enhance pattern saturation, contributing to a longer service life. The extended tire life minimizes the frequency of tire replacements, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. By choosing Techking’s haul truck tires, mining companies can boost their productivity and profitability by maximizing the utilization of their haul truck fleets.


Techking’s haul truck tire solutions exemplify the brand’s commitment to delivering high-performance and durable options for demanding mining operations. With features such as +30% casing strength, a 160% load capacity, and a longer service life, the SUPER ETOT (TL) tire stands out as an excellent choice for haul trucks. Techking’s dedication to providing tailored tire solutions, along with its extensive partnerships with renowned mining enterprises and equipment manufacturers, solidifies its position as a trusted and leading brand in the tire industry. Choose Techking’s haul truck tires for exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency in mining operations. Techking continues to innovate and meet the diverse needs of the mining industry with its exceptional tire solutions.

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