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Sungrow SG285HX: A High-Yield and Grid-Supportive Utility String Inverter for 1500 Vdc Systems in Spain and Germany

Introducing the Sungrow SG285HX, a multi-MPPT utility string inverter designed for 1500 Vdc systems, specifically optimized for solar power inverter installations in Spain and Germany. This high-performance inverter offers exceptional efficiency and reliability for solar projects, ensuring maximum energy yield and grid support.

Sungrow SG285HX: A High-Yield and Grid-Supportive Utility String Inverter for 1500 Vdc Systems in Spain and Germany

High Yield with Advanced MPPT Technology:

The SG285HX boasts 12 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs), providing precise energy harvesting from various array configurations. With a maximum efficiency of 99%, the inverter optimizes energy generation, maximizing power output. Its compatibility with 500Wp+ modules ensures enhanced energy capture, making it an ideal choice for high-yield solar installations.

Low Cost with Smart Features:

The SG285HX is designed to be cost-effective. Its Q at night function saves investment by optimizing energy consumption during off-peak hours. Power line communication (PLC) simplifies data exchange, enhancing communication efficiency. The inverter’s smart IV Curve diagnosis enables active O&M (Operations and Maintenance), streamlining fault detection and resolution.

Grid Support for Stable Operation:

The SG285HX provides exceptional grid support, with a SCR (Short Circuit Ratio) of ≥1.16, ensuring stable operation even in extremely weak grid conditions. Its reactive power response time of less than 30ms enables quick and precise power regulation, enhancing grid stability. The inverter complies with global grid code standards, ensuring seamless integration with the grid.

Proven Safety for Reliable Performance:

Safety is a top priority, and the SG285HX ensures it with its design. With 2 strings per MPPT, the inverter eliminates the fear of string reverse connection, ensuring system integrity. The integrated DC switch automatically cuts off the fault, enhancing safety during maintenance. The 24-hour real-time AC and DC insulation monitoring provides continuous safety monitoring, preventing potential issues.


The Sungrow SG285HX multi-MPPT utility string inverter is an exceptional choice for solar installations in Spain and Germany. With its advanced MPPT technology, low-cost features, grid support capabilities, and proven safety, the SG285HX empowers solar projects to achieve maximum energy yield and reliability. By choosing the SG285HX, solar developers can confidently embrace a sustainable and prosperous future, knowing they have a trusted partner in Sungrow. Embrace the power of Sungrow and propel your solar projects towards success and a greener world.

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